Our Peppers

get SMOKED over charcoal, and yes it takes more time than you’d imagine

image smoking peppersl image peppers growing with cat guarding

We grow our peppers wherever we can find good soil and good volunteers to cultivate the plants. We germinate the seeds early and raise them in our greenhouse until we can get them in the ground. Last year we germinated about 200 pepper plants and found homes for about 60 of the finest ones. Unfortunately on our biggest plot, where we had 30 plants growing, the deer thought we planted them as treats for them. One day from sundown to sunrise is all it took and we lost all of them. But that’s the way things go, we still had plenty of peppers to harvest when the season came to an end.

If you’ve got garden space and you’re interested in being one of our surrogate farmers,

please drop us an email at dangsauces@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you.

Right now all our peppers are Grown in Maryland and yes, we brew and bottle our sauces here too.

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